Logifect is very excited to announce that it won a substantial 100% grant from Innovate UK.

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Connected Healthcare for a Better Life

Logifect is a global digital health solutions provider developing outcome driven healthcare solutions for chronic diseases that will enable PATIENTS and PHYSICIANS to remotely manage their conditions with confidence, leading to better compliance, clinical outcomes and a better quality of life The clinically validated solution provides support that physicians prefer for their patients, will be a cost-effective solution for PAYORS and PURCHASERS, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns. For FAMILY, FRIENDS and PATIENTS alike, it leads to a better quality of life.

About us

Logifect is a unique digital healthcare company that has created the one platform and app that can drive the future of digital health. We see the future as one where connected devices and user input, Electronic record integration, and intelligent triaging and messaging will be the bedrock of the next generation of digital health, allied to a range of AI based tools that can drive the next generation of telecare and telehealth and which in future will be married on the same platform through APIs.

The app has a UX that is one of the easiest and most user focused in the market.

The role and value of telehealth has been demonstrated globally. It has been seen to expand exponentially over the last 3 months. Sales of medical devices such as Oximeters, Thermometers, Blood pressure readers have risen 500%. As people see the importance of clear information from medical devices in managing Covid19.


We are developing a revolutionary novel approach in the management of Chronic Diseases.

The platform

Going forward this will transform the role of digital health solutions in the area on remote management of long-term conditions. Logifect will be at the forefront of this revolution.

Logifect has also built back end web portals for providers so that the whole platform is a seamless way of communicating and can be easily integrated into their current work processes whilst giving them unprecedented means of monitoring the patients condition in an accurate and secure way.
We have also integrated with a number of Bluetooth medical devices which patients can purchase through our online store.

Lastly our own chatbot that is self-generative and autonomously creates its own dialogue dependent on the user input. This makes it unique on the market and opens up all kinds of possible engagement between provider and patient, based on agreed clinical protocols.


In short

A cost effective, artificially intelligent enabled personal coach for patients diagnosed with hypertension and/or diabetes leading to better adherence which results in improved clinical outcomes supporting a better quality of life. We can also detect early signs of hypertension and identify undiagnosed incidents of hypertension which represent 40% of the hypertension population.


Key features

Connectivity. The platform will connect to a variety of devices (blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, weight scales, activity meters and more]

Data and Reporting. The AI-enabled virtual coach merges data from electronic health records and connected devices and is able to translate these into actionable insights for healthcare professionals, their patients and our virtual Coach.

Personalized coaching of patients and their loved ones. We develop and deliver intensive personalized behavioural change programs that will lead to better adherence and clinical outcomes.

Integration. The platform is integrated with the following online services:GP EHR integration with Emis and TPP, Infermedica symptom checker, Zoom Teleconferencing and chat, Google Maps, Health kit and Google Fit, Shortly Online e-prescriptions, NHS GP Booking

Appointment Scheduling. If the virtual coach assesses that a referral to a medical professional is required, it can schedule appointments and will provide reminders to the patient.

Digital Solutions Development for 3rd Parties . On the basis of patient journeys and experiences, we will work with you to create a digital solution with iterative solutions to optimize patient experiences and clinical outcome. This will be facilitated deploying our FHIR APis. We also standard Snomed CT database to ensure a seamless method of easy integration

Electronic Repeat prescriptions. Seamlessly reorder your prescriptions using our digital e-prescriptions functionality to ensure you never have to go to the GP again for those repeat prescriptions, either they can be collected or shipped to your door

Meet the team


David Hollick

Chairman and Co-Founder

David attended law school and studied economics. He then worked as executive for National Economic Development Council as Executive Officer. He was the founder of Baud Software and raised VC money from London & Continental Bank to work with Royal Mail in running an electronic mail operation in 1985. He then founded 2020 Imaging, raised funds and was CTO which developed advanced surveillance technology and one most innovative product of year award at IFSEC.

Victor Crudu

Co-Founder and CTO

Victor Crudu is a System Architect and Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience. Victor worked as software engineer and software Architect in many successful projects for such companies like Cision, Cabot Credit Management Group, Vanquis Bank. He holds B.Sc degree in Applied Mathematics from Moldova State University and is specialised in Discrete Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Harriet Leyland - MBChB, FRCA, MSc Global Health Policy, FFMLM

Chief Medical Officer

A doctor and healthcare consultant with clinical, commercial and regulatory expertise. She combines twelve years’ experience as a physician, in anaesthetics, ITU and primary care, with more than ten years in healthcare advisory positions. Expertise includes: Innovation and development of health systems with experience of using new technologies in healthcare delivery including leading digital health and social care start-ups in the assurance and delivery of innovative services. Service development, partnerships, and identification of international opportunities. Within the Department for International Trade, Healthcare UK she assisted in the pipeline development and brokering of deals which brought in export revenues of £350 million to the UK. Redesign and implementation of clinical governance and risk management systems in organisations with a variety of needs and goals, for example rectifying the significant incident reporting and management system of GP out-of-hours organisations and redesign of clinical governance systems for a range of organisations. Up to date with the required assurance around health IT and the Clinical Safety standards (DCB0129, DCB0160), and part of the ongoing NHS Digital training program in this area. Integrated health systems approach, my experience bridges the gaps between NHS and private health provision in the UK, social care and international health systems. Maintains knowledge of these systems and facilitates interaction between them and develop alternative systems solutions. Through her portfolio Harriet provides strategic insight into the development of policy and practice in UK and international healthcare; and advises on the development of commercial health products and services, the interactions between international healthcare systems, clinical governance and quality improvement, and health promotion.

Sharon Truman

Operations manager

Coming from a background in nursing Sharon chose a career within the pharmaceutical industry. Spanning 25 years and working with giants such Merck & Co & Medeva Pharma (a vaccine specialist company), she gained experience in many fields. Over the last 7 years as a social entrepreneur she has channelled her skills into providing solu-tions to problems that better serve communities. During time spent in Silicon Valley at the world re-nowned ecobater Nest GSV she used her skill set to work within a tech start up team Inpakt, identi-fying key opinion leaders to support and drive the project.

Mark Hopkins

Chief financial officer

Following six years at KPMG, Mark worked as a Finance Director for twenty years before setting up his own accounting practice We’ll Mind Your Own Business Ltd which looks after the accounting, payroll, IT and other back office services for companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries.
Mark set up a sister company Sapien Global Services Ltd, which is now run by Sian Castle, who is providing the higher level consultancy and Finance Director services for the company.

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