JUNE 02, 2020
Mobile application

Logifect is very excited to announce that it won a substantial 100% grant from Innovate UK of £37,000 to build a whole platform for creating a COVID19 digital vaccination certificate that can be easily used by any venue in the allocation access to events, venues, cinemas and many other locations.

We will shortly be publishing a demonstration of the platform and are working with a number of commercial partners to adopt and deploy the platform when vaccines become available.

Initially it was hoped that antibody tests and fast PCR tests could form the basis of would provide the basis of allowing the opening up of venues and a step away from the strictures of various social distancing measures. Now with Tiered lockdown it is evident that vaccines will play an important role in any return to a life that is close to the one back in February.

We will shortly be publishing our website CheckMeNow where it will be possible to users to enrol and commercial sites to sign up.

We will deliver unmatchable value in terms of pricing model ease of deployment, easy to use, unique features and a simple enrolment not just for commercial partners but the general public.

We invite commercial partners and the general public to sign up as soon as possible so that when vaccinations start they immediately using the platform.

We are wishing to discuss and show the platform to initial commercial partners just email us at info@logifect.com or call at +44 7522334406